Our different fields


Several leading players in their field use BRC housings to protect sensors, barometers, recorders, calculators and thus ensure extreme measurement precision and unparalleled reliability.
The caissons are often deployed in difficult areas. (high seas stowage, boat decks, burial in wetlands, etc.)

Defence (Air/Land/Sea)

BRC is an active member of the Defense Technological Industrial base.

BRC intervenes directly or indirectly with the Army, the Air Force or the Navy. All of our clients in this sector are undisputed leaders in their field. BRC develops RANGE / VIB / CHOC boxes and 19 "racks for each specific project from its own standards.

Our products are regularly used in external operations and whenever possible external feedback allows us to improve our products.


The operation of a nuclear power plant is governed by a rigorous regulatory framework which includes the measurement and monitoring of its operation, but also its impact on the environment.

BRC has been able to integrate the requirements of this sector to design enclosures used by maintenance and safety teams. Our design must meet very long-term recurrence needs in addition to the usual protection requirements for the equipment placed in our racks. or boxes.
Our customers appreciate our strong, light, shielded and decontaminable products.

Transport (Aeronautics / Rail)

BRC has developed boxes to facilitate the handling of maintenance equipment on airport runways.
These boxes are able to withstand loads of several hundred kilos, meeting the ATA300 standards while guaranteeing a unique aesthetic to BRC.
BRC is one of the only cabinet designers on the market to have EN 9100 certification and is requested by players in the ADS (Aeronautics, Defense and Space) sector for its skills, responsiveness, product quality and monitoring.

Other industries


BRC's know-how can be used in all industries. We have therefore created boxes for professionals in the event, penitentiary - veterinary or space sector - ....